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4 Benefits of Dealing with Cash Home Buyers

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The economy has not recovered 100% yet. It is not a secret that the housing market is down. When somebody needs to sell a house, it can be a big challenge to find out a buyer. People have started to believe that this is not the right time to invest in properties or to buy a new home. They are trying to save money rather than investing it. As a result there is a dearth of genuine property buyers in the market.

What to do when someone needs to sell house quickly? The best option is to find cash house buyers in the locality. There are many advantages of dealing with cash buyers; here we go:

Fast – the deal can be closed within few days

Those who need to sell house quickly, can be benefitted by working with cash buyers. A reputed cash buyer will typically complete the process within 7 to 10 days once you agree to proceed with their offer.

No hassle, No legwork, No paperwork

Cash house buyers will carry out all the paperwork and other formalities on your behalf; once you sign the agreement with them you are just done. They will prepare all legal papers and documents and keep you informed about ins and outs of the process.

Confirmed deal

A home buyer will never say ‘No’ to you – whatever is the condition of your house they will agree to buy it. Hence, once you contact a cash buyer, it is guaranteed that you will be able to sell the house to them.

No commission

Unlike property agents, a property buyer will never ask for commission – they purchase houses directly from the homeowners and no third party is involved in the process. By dealing with cash house buyers you save the money that you otherwise had to pay to the agents.

Is this the right time to sell your house?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The UK properties have experienced a £6,000 average drop in their September value. The average property value fell from £168,124 to £162,095 thereby dropping 3.6%. These figures are published by Halifax and are pretty worrisome. These facts clearly indicate that the housing market of UK is steadily declining.

This drop is due to the reduced demand for property and also increase in the supply. The interest rates are expected to remain low for the next few months to come. Keeping such a situation in mind, if you are facing repossession of your property, then you can very well understand that if you are in need of quick cash, then the situation is not ideal.

How Cash Buyers can help

This is where the cash buyers come in. Cash buyer is a trading portal for Yellow Springbok, who are one of the leading property buyers of UK. We have a strong presence in entire England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland. We have a strong network of private investors who are always ready with substantial fund to buy your property instantly.

If you are willing to sell your house quickly, then you can contact us. We buy houses for cash. Therefore if you want a quick sale offer for your house, we can offer you a no obligation cash offer within 48 hours. The services that we offer are completely confidential keeping in mind the sensitive needs of your individual circumstance.

The deal of property selling with the cash buyers is always hassle-free and quick. You will be presented with all possible alternatives for your property so that you can make an appropriate decision without any obligation. Since the cash home buyers understand the situation that you are in, they will take care of all the solicitor fees and other additional charges.

We buy houses – We do not say ‘No’ to the homeowners

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Perhaps you tried to sell your house through an estate agent and got a bad experience. Now you are thinking that as your home is not in a good condition you have to invest some money to repair the home and retouch the damages; then only you can get a buyer right? Wrong.

Buyers for homes will purchase your home even if it is not in good condition. By working with cash buyers you can enjoy a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Quick deal – Usually a property buying deal is closed within a week or less time.
  • Guaranteed house selling proposal – Once you get in touch with a cash buyer it is confirmed that you will get a no obligation proposal from them – yes a no obligation proposal, you may choose not to accept the offer if you want. The cash buyer will not say ‘No’ to you, never.
  • No hidden cost, no fees – If you work with estate agents you may need to pay them a commission, usually 2% or more of the selling price. By working with cash buyers you can eliminate that cost.
  • Stress free process – You do not need to worry about the financial and legal complications. Cash buyers will take care of everything – all paperwork and leg works are done by them on your behalf.
  • No noise – Cash buyers respect your privacy. You can work with cash buyers without putting the ‘for sale’ or ‘buy me’ signboard outside your house. The deal is done in full privacy and confidentiality.

A cash home buyer accepts all types of properties; if you are in a hurry and want to sell off your house, contact a cash buyer today to know your options.