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How to understand whether you should contact cash house buyers in Swindon

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Many people do not contact the cash house buyers at the first place. When they fail to sell their houses on open market and the situation gets out of their hand, they start thinking for an alternative and ultimately decide to sell the house to cash house buyers. Meanwhile they waste a lot of time and energy.

There are some easy ways to understand whether you should sell your house on the open market or you should contact local cash house buyers to sell the house fast. It is always recommended to work with the local cash house buyers; if you are in Swindon then look for cash house buyers in Swindon and sell the house fast.

Here are the alarming signs that help you decide whether you should wait for an individual buyer or you should look for cash house buyers.

1] You are under mortgage arrears

2] You had a talk with your lender but no feasible solutions came up

3] You have lost your job

4] You are going through divorce or separation

5] You are suffering from health problems

6] A family member is suffering from medical problems

If you said yes to all of these then probably you should not wait for an individual buyer and look for cash house buyers in your area. The property market is experiencing a kind of stagnation; even if you contact a professional estate agent you might need to wait for several months to get a buyer. Hence, it would be a good decision on your part to work with cash house buyers and ensure quick and assured sale.

5 Questions to ask to a property cash buyer in Birmingham

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Are you planning to sell your house to a property cash buyer? You have taken the right decision; when you are in hurry you should sell the house to property cash buyers. By working with a local buyer you can make things simpler and easier.

However, it is your responsibility to find out the best and reliable property cash buyer. There are many cash buyers in your area – you have to choose the best one. By asking several questions and doing a little bit of background check of the buyer you can pick the best cash buyer in your area.

Here is a list of top five questions that you must ask to your cash buyer. Also learn what kind of answer a professional cash buyer is likely to give.

My house looks ugly; will you buy my house?

Yes. Cash buyers are investors; they do not buy houses to live there. Hence, in whatever condition your house is a professional cash buyer would not refuse to buy it. When you sell a house on the open market it becomes mandatory to renovate and decorate the house otherwise individuals do not show interest in buying it. You can eliminate those hassles when you work with property cash buyers.

I am facing repossession; would you buy my house?

Yes. Professional property cash buyers offer customised solutions for people who are facing any sort of financial hardship. If you are facing property repossession in Birmingham, you should talk to a professional cash buyer in Birmingham and tell them about your situation. An experienced buyer would be able to help you avoid repossession by offering fast sale.

How much will you charge?

Not a single dime. Professional cash buyers do not charge anything for helping you sell the house fast. Cash buyers are not property agents; when you sell the house to property cash buyers you work with the buyer directly – no third party is involved. So you don’t need to pay any commission or fees to anybody.

Will you pay the legal fees and guide me to complete the legal formalities?

Yes. A professional cash buyer would pay the legal fees either in full or up to a certain amount. Moreover they would complete all the legal formalities and do the paperwork and leg work on your behalf so that you don’t need to take any trouble.

How long will it take to sell the house?

It should not take more than a month. Sometimes, professional cash buyers can help you sell the house in 7 to 10 days even. As soon as you accept their proposal, they start the legal formalities. However, only few property cash buyers in the country have the ability to offer a sale within a week or so; make sure you work with a professional buyer only.

Why sellers prefer to work with the cash buyers

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Cash buyers are the first choice of all property owners in the UK. Individuals and banks prefer all cash buyers over individuals, be it a first time buyer or move up buyer, when it comes to sell property. Even when cash buyers are offering a bit lower price than an individual considering the other benefits sellers are going with the cash buyers.

What is the secret? What kind of advantages cash buyers offer that first time buyers or move up buyers cannot? Let’s investigate more.

  1. Quick sale – A reliable cash property buyer would offer quick sale; you can sell the house to them in 7 to 10 days or on your preferred date. A lot of homeowners find this service to be very helpful. Those who need to sell house fast prefer to work with cash buyers because they offer fast sale. Moreover, local cash buyers can offer a faster service; if you need quick sale in Stockport, look for cash buyers in Stockport area and quicken the process.
  2. Guaranteed sale – Cash buyers never refuse to buy a house. Most of the cash buyers do not buy properties to live in; they are investors. Hence they would purchase properties of any type and condition. This is one of the main reasons for many sellers to work with local cash buyers.
  3. No hassles – Professional cash buyers offer hassle-free sale; as a seller you do not need to handle any hassle at all. The buyer takes care of all paper work and leg work relieving you from all the legal formalities.
  4. No hidden cost – A professional cash buyer would never come up with a hidden cost suddenly. Everything will be transparent from the beginning so that the sellers can prepare for the deal and have an accurate estimate.