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5 Things that a Cash Buyer can offer but estate agents may not

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

There was a time when estate agents could offer quick property sale anywhere in the country; but things have changed since the recent global recession began. As the recession rolled in property price started to fall; a lot of houses went into negative equity, many people lost their jobs and thousands of homes were repossessed.

Fast house sale is an easy way of stopping repossession; but in present market condition quick and guaranteed sale seems difficult to achieve. When most active and popular estate agents are not able to offer you fast and assured property sale, cash buyers come to your rescue. Cash house buyers can offer customised solution keeping your condition in mind. Let’s see what the things are that a cash buyer can offer you.

Quick and Guaranteed Sale:

Many first time buyers and move up buyers are not able to secure home loans. Instances of broken chains are quite common these days; someone agrees to buy your house and then suddenly the estate agent calls you to inform that the person has dropped the deal – imagine how frustrating this can be. You may need to wait months to find a buyer.

However, cash house buyers can offer you quick and guaranteed sale. As you deal with the buyers directly there is no room for miscommunication. Moreover, cash buyers are investors and willing to purchase properties of any type and condition.

No Commission, No Legal Fees:

Unlike the estate agents, cash buyers do not charge you any commission. Estate agents usually connect you with the buyers and charge commission, usually a share of the selling price, once they find you a buyer.

When you work with the cash buyers, you sell the house to the buyer directly. There is absolutely no need to pay commission; moreover, professional cash buyers pay the solicitor’s fees up to a certain limit.

No Renovation:

A cash buyer will not force you to renovate the house. They are investors; they purchase properties of any type and condition. If your house looks ugly, a cash buyer would not refuse to buy it at all.

Customised Solution:

Based on your situation cash buyers offer a customised plan; if you need to sell your house in 7 days a professional and local cash buyer would arrange for the same. With a thorough understanding of the local property market they can offer you a quick and hassle-free sale so that you can get the money exactly when you need it. Therefore if you are in Birmingham, look for cash house buyers in Birmingham for a quick and customised solution.

Who are the cash buyers in Glasgow?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Cash buyers are individuals who offer cash while purchasing properties. Cash buyers are investors; they do not buy houses to move in. Hence even when your house is not in a good condition or facing repossession in Glasgow, a professional cash buyer would agree to buy it.

Cash buyers in Glasgow and anywhere else in the country have come up as the new steering force in the property market. When first time buyers are dormant and move up buyers are not much active; only cash buyers are keeping the property market in Glasgow active. Homeowners who need to sell house fast to solve any financial crisis can rely on cash buyers for assured and fast sale.

Local cash buyers can offer the fastest property deal. When you need to sell house quick in Glasgow, you have to look for local cash buyers in Glasgow area. Similarly when you are trying to sell house in Manchester, look for cash buyers in Manchester.

There are companies that buy houses as well; if you decide to work with any such company make sure that the company is worth working with. A professional home buying company would have network in all the areas of the country.

A local buyer is likely to know all the property related matters of the area; hence they can offer you quick and hassle-free property deal. Moreover, it’s easy for you to trace whether the buyer is reputable or not if they are based in your neighbourhood.

In a nutshell, cash buyers are individuals who are ready to buy properties of any type and condition. Cash buyers are property investors and can purchase residential, tenanted, repossessed and commercial houses for quick cash.