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NewBuy Plan and the Cash Buyers

Monday, March 19th, 2012

The NewBuy mortgage plan will make it easy for the individual buyers to get mortgage now. Low interest rates and less deposit make this new plan attractive – buyers can apply for the NewBuy plan only if they are going to purchase a new-build property. This mortgage plan is not applicable in the resale market.

It is needless to mention how stagnant the second hand property market will become if a large number of buyers turn towards new-build properties. Property owners that need to sell houses in emergency to overcome problems like repossession, relocation, divorce, medical problem in family and other types of financial hardship can’t wait for the market to revive. There is no guarantee when things will be perfect again. Under such circumstances only cash buyers can offer a quick sale in the UK.

Cash buyers have remained the driving force in the property market for quite a few days now; and they will remain to be the same, at least in the second market. First time buyers might take interest in new-build properties because of the new mortgage scheme, but a large number of properties will be up for sale in the second market in the coming days. People facing repossession or other similar difficulties need quick and guaranteed sale – cash buyers can be of great help for them.

There are many additional benefits of working with the cash buyers; such as:

  1. No hassle
  2. No fees, no legal fees
  3. No paper work – everything is taken care of by the buyer
  4. Customised solutions

It does not make any sense for the property owners to waste their time finding buyers on the open market. With the NewBuy plan it is now more challenging to find buyers; so talk to cash buyers in your area and get your house sold quickly.